Exactly what do Serigrafia do?

Serigrafia or printing could be the art of inducing ink through a set of fine-meshed silkscreens with the assistance of a stencil. Each silk screen is stretched tightly over a firm wooden or aluminum frame and typically has a jacket using a photo-sensitive emulsion. Although the glue film is also used sometimes to build a mask. The layouts and art produced out of it are satisfactory to the needs of the people.

The screen is first created by extending a fabric (e.g., silk) over a frame of wood or aluminum. The image will be first drawn (manually or using software) on paper or plastic, or recorded in a photograph. It is cut out to form a stencil. Then, the stencil is connected to the screen. Subsequently regions of the screen mesh are blocked with a waterproof masking medium. The spaces turned into the regions of the last image.


They put the screen within the desired substrate (e.g., newspaper, glass, textile) and ink is then implemented on the monitor and disperse over the stencil through the open net onto the substrate underneath. The ink is dispersed using a squeegee – and – rubber blade the same width. The area is the point where the ink filters through and creates the image. Any number of colors can be useable, although it takes a separate screen for each color. To obtain extra details on serigrafia kindly look at Indeco Serigrafia.

There is Serigrafia that is being used for art print which will always have value. Quality prints produced by printmaking artists sell for thousands. This form of art is quite valuable like the other fine arts.

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